My Little Fashion Secret

Last week a wonderful team of kissedbylight featured a short and fun interview with me and a few shots of my most recent art works. In their NYC style like, beautiful loft of a studio, with magic light and enticing energy I revisited my past role of a model  – which was ever so cool and uplifting. Fashion industry is where I worked for most of my early twenties, and had a chance to observe and learn from the most talented artist of our time.

The Fashion world can come across as some kind of unapproachable enigma, outofreach and at times a superficial territory. Although there is a grain of truth to it, to me fashion industry experience was something that taught me to see beauty and splendour in all sorts of things, people, experiences and places.  Which I now channel into the Esthetic of my art works. To read the full interview click here. Thank you very very much girls. Yeyi power to me!