How Art Transforms Space

As a visual person as soon as I walk into a living space I can’t help but to notice the Art on the walls or the absence of it...and of course I start analysing the look and feel of everything around me rearranging and pulling it apart in my mind. You probably wonder what difference does all of it makes? and who cares really? but its not exactly so...whether consciously or not..we all do care.

A person is the sum of all things both tangible and abstract. Our dwelling is a reflection of who we are. It is also our little cave to which we want to come back to at the end of the day to relax and recharge. A smartly picked, and properly hanged Art, can transform space instantly and seminally how we feel inside that space.

So how to pick and hang art on walls so it improves our home's atmosphere?  One of the ways is to create your own personal gallery wall. Sound fancy.. it is but its totally doable.

To start you will need a little inspiration in a form of a moodboard. It is an easy and effective way to discover what you really want, plan ahead to avoid common mistakes and unnecessary holes in the walls of your beautiful apartment. Easy to use and a fast resource is pinterest. Start by pulling all kinds of images you found online showcasing your dream gallery wall and living spaces. Most of the images you will find where shot professionally  in stylized environments, however you do not have to be a professional decorator to style your living space effectively, so that it has the look and feel you desire.  If you are a hands-on person you can cut out bits and pieces of colour out of magazines (this could be lots of fun) and play around with different arrangement. The main idea at this stage is to choose your colour pallete, theme and feel.

Whether it is pastels, rich earthy colours  or a cool pallet filled with greys and blue. A gallery wall can contain many different art forms and styles, it can be works on paper, oil paintings, drawings, and photographs. Regardless of what the medium is, it is important to treat the whole collection as one piece, by keeping this in mind your choices will be guides accordingly.  You can blend different styles, abstract, modern, portrait, and collage. Choose a centre piece, that could be an oversized piece like so and position it just slightly of centre and hang it about 60 inches from floor level, then referencing your moodboard add the other pieces around it making a dynamic visual story. You do not need many pieces to have a beautiful gallery wall but, they do have to complement each other. Its the little subtleties that make a big difference, take note of them and your humbleness of life will grow! Have fun decorating! Comments and questions are welcome, please post below.