Tools of the Trade

Have you ever noticed that your hand writing improves if you use a better pen? Same principle applies to fine art. Find out what’s in my tool box and why. Aside from coffee here are the 3 things I can't start my day without.

To start drawing you don't really need much, using your finger on a send will due, however if you are working improving your art and perhaps taking it to the next level, the choice of your tools and mediums can make a difference.

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Shades of Grey

This past week I was entirely absorbed in the studio production in search for that perfect shade of grey. Grey is an intermediate color between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic colour, meaning literally that it is a colour "without colour”. Grey can be cool or of warm depending on the added hue. Adding little red will make a warmer grey, and adding a little blue will make for a cooler silver grey.

I like to deal with grey pallet both in direct painting and in my printmaking practice. Grey is defiantly the most complex colour to deal with as it is easy to turn it into muddy choky looking colour which kills painting. At the same time grey is the one that has the most potential, with its infinite shades. I learned that the intensity of any colour will depend on the amount of grey around it. The supportive role of grey is fascinating, it sets the stage for other colours to sing.

How Art Transforms Space

As a visual person as soon as I walk into a living space I can’t help but to notice the Art on the walls or the absence of it...and of course I start analysing the look and feel of everything around me rearranging and pulling it apart in my mind. You probably wonder what difference does all of it makes? and who cares really? but its not exactly so...whether consciously or not..we all do care.

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My Little Fashion Secret

Last week a wonderful team of kissedbylight featured a short and fun interview with me and a few shots of my most recent art works. In their NYC style like, beautiful loft of a studio, with magic light and enticing energy I revisited my past role of a model  – which was ever so cool and uplifting. Fashion industry is where I worked for most of my early twenties, and had a chance to observe and learn from the most talented artist of our time.

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Evolution of My Process

I’ve had this post on hold for a while now because I’ve been having hard time wrapping my head around the direction my art has evolved in the past three months. For an artist who spent years deciphering the “how too" secrets of classical realism, to diverge into a more experimental and spontaneous direction was a big surprise, first of all for myself!

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