Seven Secret Little Essentials

Art supply stores can be overwhelming and scary places. You end up  buying things you don't really need and spending a fortune without noticing.  Instead of showering you with endless options I decided to share my little 7  secret essentials I use on a daily basis to paint in oils. In my bag: 

1. Brushes: natural bristle has a nice grip to hold the paint in place and allows to make thick juicy brush strokes. Buy 3, small medium and large (very large).

2. Odourless mineral spirits, cleans my brushes and pallet and is easy on allergies.

3. Glass pallet: the best invention of the century.  I use my glass table both as a pallet to mix my paints and a printmaking/painting surface to make my Monotypes. Also it feels great you can simple wipe it all out in the end, preparing it again for the next day :)

4. Giant tube of titanium white paint, it is opaque, warm, dries slowly,  and is flexible.

5. Oil paints of course! I work with limited pallets because its an effective way to achieve harmony. Colour is use are Yellow Ochre, Indian yellow, Cadmium red medium, Ultramarine blue, Raw umber. Yes thats it..  with these you can mix a lot of different hues and shades, and they will be unique!

6. Linseed oil – or any vegetable oil if you don’t want to splurge. Dilutes your oil paints and makes it easy to work wet in wet.

7. Surface to work on.. if you work in oils try Canvas or gesso primed wood. I work on paper for direct painting I use Arches oil  paper and for my printmaking i use Somerset and Stonehenge paper

8. Yes! one more but it does not count because you don't have to buy it :)  old rugs to wipe your brush clean

And that’s it you are good to go on your wonderful art adventures. For a more detailed description of various brands and tools check out my previous blog post Tools of trade. Happy painting!